As of Wednesday morning, January 8th, the class is at capacity.  We limited enrollment to 40 people in order to make sure we can give everyone the attention they deserve.  We're thrilled with the level of interest in this class and look forward to it!

If you got a PayPal receipt by email, your registration is confirmed.  You should have also received a syllabus via email.

Learn to program with us in a non-scary, relaxed environment!

In conjunction with the STL Python meetup group, Fort Pedro is holding a five-session Introductory Programming class at Nebula in the heart of the Cherokee Street Business District.

This class is for total beginners with an interest in learning to program, but no prior programming experience.  Python was developed as a programming language for teaching, but it is also used for high-productivity development in organizations such as Google, Dropbox, NASA, Rackspace, and several web sites you probably use.


Classes are every other Wednesday from January 22 to March 19, 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, with substantial snacks (pizza, etc.) and non-alcoholic beverages provided.  On the Wednesdays that fall in between class meetings, instructors will be available in a Google Hangout for "office hours", in case you get stuck and need some help.  The first meeting will focus on getting to know your classmates, and getting Python installed and running on your laptop.  (Windows, Macintosh, Linux, etc. -- we're flexible.)

Welcome Session - January 22, 2013
Office Hours - January 29, 2013
First Class - February 5, 2013
Office Hours - February 12, 2013
Second Class - February 19, 2013
Office Hours - February 26, 2013
Third Class - March 5, 2013
Office Hours - March 12, 2013
Last Class - March 19, 2013

We will use Allen Downey's How to Think Like a Computer Scientist book, available for free in a variety of electronic formats.  You can buy a printed copy if you like, but it's not necessary.  Learning will be self-directed, and our "classes" will be more like help sessions than lectures.  This book assumes that you're just a person off the street with an interest in, but no prior knowledge of, computer programming.

The first class will be mostly geared toward getting Python set up on your computer, getting to know your classmates, and going over the plan for the rest of the course.


Nebula is a groovy place, an "unconventional workspace for the unconventionally employed," at 3407 S Jefferson, St Louis, MO, just south of Jefferson & Cherokee.  Reserved free parking is available in a lot on the east side of Jefferson.  Ring Nebula at the entrance and we'll buzz you in.


We live in a diverse city, but the programming community typically doesn't reflect that.  We would like that to change.  Specifically, we would like to see the class consist of:

  • at least 25% women
  • at least 25% minority
  • minimum 15 and maximum 40 participants
  • a mix of ages and backgrounds



  • The cost for all five classes is $25.00, which covers the cost of food and space rental.  We're mostly doing this to share our love of Python, and expand the community of Python users in St. Louis.
  • You will also need a laptop that can run Python (which is to say, pretty much anything.)  If you don't have one, let us know and we may be able to scrounge something up.  You can also use a Raspberry Pi computer -- if that's your plan, let us know and we'll bring some extra displays.
  • A copy of the text, either electronic or printed.

his class is a project of the STL Python Meetup Group, which has adopted a Code of Conduct that participants will be expected to follow.  Briefly, it says "don't be a jerk."

Class is Currently Full

There has been an amazing level of interest in this class.  We signed up 40 people in just a few days!  Thank you!  It is always possible that some spots may open back up.  If you would like to be put on our mailing list for this or future classes, please add yourself to the wait list at Meetup.


Thanks a bunch to the STL Python Meetup Group and to Nebula, who are donating event space and providing beverages for the class.