How you know you're a type nerd

Photo Credit  via Flickr / Creative Commons

Photo Credit via Flickr / Creative Commons

In a cognitive science class at Northwestern University, the instructors were trying to illustrate the difference between different types of cognition.  They asked us to picture a pumpkin.  Got it?  Good.

Then they asked us to picture the word pumpkin.  And to notice the difference.  And it took me a few seconds to mentally choose a typeface to use when mentally picturing the word.  (I think I settled on Century Gothic.)

All this is by way of saying, you should check out Ben Kiel's talk at STL-Python on Tuesday, February 4th about how Python is used in typeface design.  Partly because the brother of Guido van Rossum, Python's creator, is a typeface designer. That's not really the subject of the talk, I just think it's interesting.