Tony Becker /  LinkedIn Profile

Tony Becker / LinkedIn Profile

By day, Tony is Vice President of Custom Insurance Services in Crystal City, Missouri and holds the Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) and Certified Risk Manager (CRM) designations. He serves on the Crystal City Council, is a past president of the local Rotary Club, and a past advisory board member of St. Pius X High School. In 2008 he served on the court-appointed commission that proposed the new charter for Jefferson County's government, adopted by voters by a margin exceeding 2 to 1.

Tony holds a BA in Political Science from Northwestern University, with additional coursework in psychology, economics, philosophy and computer science.

During and after his time as a student, he worked for a varity of NU departments building web sites, evaluating new technologies and helping glue them together with the school's legacy infrastructure.

In 2000 he co-founded Fort Pedro Informatics with Ted Whalen. Fort Pedro consulted for several university departments as well as the American Library Association and others, but since 2003, Fort Pedro has not been anyone's "day job."

Tony also has keen interests in fermented beverages, classic country music, and the future of journalism -- three great tastes that taste great together.

He lives in Crystal City with his wife Hadas and their two adorable sons, Isaac and Samson.