Fort Pedro Informatics LLC is a thin veneer of limited liability protection around Tony Becker. He is developing a generalized tool for Monte Carlo and other dynamic stochastic simulations called Ancho.

Mission: "Engineered information, empowering people."

What does that mean? Fort Pedro's mission is to add value to information and knowledge by engineering useful structures around them. Our aim in doing this is to elevate the individual, enabling a person to do things they would otherwise not otherwise be able to do. We believe that constraints can sometimes be liberating, if they're thoughtfully designed.


From 2000--2002, Fort Pedro did several projects for various departments at Northwestern University, the American Library Association and others. After that it has largely been dormant, completing a few "pop-up" web projects here and there.

In 2009 the company contemplated a large-scale development project that would have produced a new online "newspaper" for Jefferson County, but ultimately decided not to pursue that project due to the financial risks involved. (Also, our first son Isaac was born, and committing to a project of that scope would have been insane.)

The Name

The name "Fort Pedro" is derived from Tony's education in Catholic schools. Saint Peter was the first Pope, and is the metaphorical "rock" upon which the Catholic Church was built. His name conveys sturdiness and steadfastness.

Informatics is the word that many European universities use for what we in the United States would think of as a "computer science" department. It was used because it conveys the idea of merging information science and engineering.

Also, the domain name was available, and we thought that "Fort Pedro Informatics" sounded good, like a company you might feel comfortable writing a check to.


Stacey Shintani developed our iconic "cartooney ivory tower" logo. (I added the shading and lens flare effects.)